[blockquote]This experience was about as pleasant as possible. The representative that sold us the unit was not at all pushy, and gave us plenty of information (even called before the unit was installed to tell us about a new deal on a slightly less efficient unit that was now getting a better discount if we wanted to go that route to save initial costs). The representative that installed the unit told us what he was doing along the way, and got it in within the time frame. The representative on the phone/e-mail was superb about helping us submit all the rebate and discount information. Everything was done cleanly and professionally. Even when one of the rebates came back asking for more info, by the time I contacted Northern, they had already re-submitted with the requested information. All together a pleasant experience.[/blockquote] [blockquote]We called Northern based on Angie’s List reviews, after a bad experience with the contractor sent out by our home warranty provider. To make a very long story short, the home warranty contractor said we had blown out our compressor and we needed a new one. When he submitted this, our home warranty denied the claim (!). After attempting several times to fight this, we were told we’d have to go through their contracted arbitration company, which would cost at least $750 to file with (!!!) and a lot more money to actually take to arbitration. So, needless to say, we figured we’d take the hit and go elsewhere – fully expecting to have to shell out over $1000 for a new compressor, and we were bracing ourselves for possibly having to get an entirely new unit (since our AC is an older model).

My husband called Northern, spoke with David and made an appointment for them to come out. A few seconds after hanging up with them, my husband received a call back to let him know that we could find a 50% off coupon for diagnostic service on their website. It’s a rare company that will tell you about their coupons that you may not know about!!!

Northern’s tech (David, who we had spoken to on the phone) came out, took a look at the unit, told me each thing he was looking at and doing while he was doing it. He quickly found that the wire to the compressor had recently been cut (presumably by the previous contractor) and that the reason the compressor wasn’t working was due to it not getting power! Unbelievable!!!! In David’s words: “Looks like someone was trying to sell you a new unit.”

David repaired the wire, checked and confirmed that the compressor was fine and the unit was in proper working order. Unlike the other repair techs (for reasons we now can see!), David waited to make sure the unit was on and cooling well. He was even helpful enough to write a detailed description of what he observed was done to the unit, and gave me the (cut) end piece to the wire that he replaced.

Additionally, he was nice enough to give us the 50% off discount from the diagnostic fee….even though I was unable to print it due to our printer being out of ink! Thanks, David!

When we do have to replace our aging AC unit eventually, I will certainly call Northern, no question.[/blockquote]