Replumbing & Repiping Services in Anderson, IN

Old piping in your Anderson home can become quite a headache, especially as it starts affecting water pressure, reducing water quality, or causing leaks. If the problems are widespread, whole-home repiping is often the best long-term option for preventing water damage and costly repairs.

When you need a skilled plumber for replumbing services in Anderson, Alexandria, Gas City, or the surrounding communities, talk to our team at Northern Comfort Systems. We have served Indiana homeowners for over 20 years, and we feature award-winning service with great reviews from our customers, upfront pricing with no hidden service fees, and guaranteed satisfaction on all our services. From plumbing and drain cleaning to heating, cooling, and indoor air quality services, you can count on Northern Comfort Systems for expert help with all your home comfort needs.

Are you having constant plumbing problems in your Anderson home? Call Northern Comfort Systems today at (765) 724-2228or contact us online to learn if whole-home replumbing is right for you.

Signs That You Need Repiping Services

If you have an occasional leak or isolated plumbing problems, a pipe repair or replacement will likely be the most affordable and convenient solution. But if your piping is more than a few decades old and you start having systematic problems with leaks, water quality, or water pressure, replumbing your home may be the better long-term investment. Here are some signs that you may need whole-home repiping:

  • Water with unpleasant tastes or odors
  • Water that is rust-colored or causes staining
  • Abnormally low water pressure throughout the home
  • Inconsistent water pressure or temperatures
  • Pipes with visible surface rust or discoloration
  • Leaks in multiple locations over a short period
  • Banging, creaking, or hammering noises from the pipes
  • Test results that indicate poor water quality or contamination

Anderson Plumbing Repair & Repiping Services

Whether you need replumbing for your entire home or just a few pipe repairs, our skilled plumbers at Northern Comfort Systems are happy to help. We offer whole-home repiping and replumbing services, as well as complete plumbing repair, plumbing replacement, and plumbing installation services. We work with both copper and plastic piping like PEX and PVC, and our experts can recommend the best type of plumbing for your needs. Each has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the application:

  • Copper piping: Durable and long-lasting, copper naturally resists bacterial growth and damage from chlorine, but it can be costly, prone to corrosion, and can burst easily in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • PVC piping Affordable and easy to install, PVC is an excellent alternative to copper, but it can become brittle with age, and it can crack or burst in freezing temperatures.
  • PEX piping: With its extreme flexibility, PEX is easy to install, it features superior versatility, and it can expand somewhat to resist damage from freezing, but the fittings on some brands and types of PEX can prove to be a weak spot.

Need help with repiping or plumbing repairs in Anderson, IN? Call our expert plumbers today at (765) 724-2228 or contact us online to request a quote.

Pipes We Replace in the Indianapolis Area

At Northern Comfort Systems, we can help you replace old or outdated plumbing anywhere in your home, especially known defective or problematic piping. We offer:

  • Polybutylene replacement: A gray plastic pipe, polybutylene piping can burst or leak due to degradation from chlorinated water.
  • Lead pipe replacement: Lead plumbing pipes were common prior to the 1970s, but if the water flowing through them was too acidic or corrective, the pipes could leach toxic lead into the drinking water.
  • Galvanized pipe replacement: Prone to corrosion, galvanized water pipes would eventually clog with rust and reduce water pressure or start to leak.

Professional Plumbing Service in Anderson, IN

For top-rated plumbing services in Anderson or the Indianapolis area, look no further than our team at Northern Comfort Systems. We can help with all your plumbing needs, from repiping and plumbing repair to water heater services, drain cleaning, water softener services, and more. We feature friendly, courteous plumbers who who keep your home protected with shoe covers, dropcloths, and thorough cleaning when the job is done, and we offer free estimates for all our services, as well as versatile financing options. Our company is an eight-time Angi Super Service Award winner and a 2020 Best of Home Advisor winner.

Call (765) 724-2228 today or contact us online to schedule plumbing services or whole-home repiping anywhere in the Anderson area. We are available 24/7 for emergency service with no extra charges!

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