A Boiler System: Ideal Heating Solution for Older Homes

boilerBoiler heating systems heat water and circulate it through radiators located throughout a home’s living space. Some heat water to the point of steaming, while others use only hot water. The heat radiates into the living space as cooling occurs and is then re-circulated back into the system through the return pipe to be used again.

Boiler Heating Systems in Larger Homes

Boiler systems are ideal for larger homes, especially those that are older and feature many rooms, as opposed to modern open floor plans. The hot water is circulated into the home from the boiler through a series of pipes. A new boiler can be adjusted to suit the size of a home, so it is a heating system you should consider, no matter the size of your house.

What are the Benefits of a New Boiler?

  • Boilers produce no dust: Because they heat rooms using closed loops, no dust is created, as it would be with a forced air furnace system. If you have people in your home with allergies, dust circulating throughout the home can cause significant trouble breathing and is generally unhealthy overall for everyone. Boiler systems introduce no new air and there is no blowing, both of which work to eliminate dust from the home.
  • Boilers produce even heat: These systems distribute heat throughout a home in an even way that eliminates drafts. Rooms feel warmer, even if the temperature is not higher because the air is infused, rather than it being introduced through a vent. This increases comfort, especially during the coldest, windiest days of winter.
  • Boilers can be customized: It is possible to build separate zones for boilers, enabling you to turn heat on and off. This means some parts of a house can be heated without waste due to heating less used rooms.
  • Boiler heating systems are quiet: The noise that does come from a boiler heating system is created by the burning of the gas or other fuel that heats the water, so it is contained inside of the boiler. Sometimes homeowners hear clanging pipes, but that usually only occurs in older systems. Forced air heating systems are much noisier and can be heard throughout the home every time they turn on.

Boiler prices vary, depending on the type of boiler installation needed. If you would like to learn more or if you are ready to determine if a boiler system is right for your home, contact Northern Comfort Systems.