Indianapolis Furnace Repair and Installation

During Central Indiana’s cold winter months, a furnace is the most important appliance in any home or business. Most units function year after year without fail but when they finally do malfunction, it’s important to have a capable repair service available to make repairs.

Northern Comfort Systems has worked with Indianapolis-area residents and businesses for years, maintaining and troubleshooting a variety of business and home furnace problems, making us a trusted source in heating and cooling.

We primarily work with Indianapolis’s older buildings, which usually have furnaces and ductwork of varying ages. Our skilled team can work to maintain an existing system or replace an aging system with a new furnace. When an Indianapolis resident contacts us with a problematic furnace, we provide advice on the best course of action to take. If an older unit needs to be replaced, we can find the perfect system to meet a building’s unique requirements.

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost?

Occasionally, an Indianapolis resident will require a new furnace, when the old unit is no longer able to handle a building’s requirements. When furnace replacement is necessary, we’ll provide all of the options to let a resident decide on a unit that is both affordable on the front end and provides efficient monthly operation.

The price of a furnace is determined by a variety of factors, with some types of furnaces naturally costing less than others. In many cases, a resident will be tasked with choosing between a more expensive unit with a lower monthly operating cost or a lower-priced unit that costs a little more on utility bills every month.

High Efficiency Furnace

Furnaces are now available that promise a more efficient monthly operation. A high efficiency furnace provides superior heating capabilities while using less electricity or fuel. Many older homes have units that were purchased before today’s more efficient furnaces. Even in a home with a fully operational older furnace can enjoy cost savings by replacing that unit with a newer one.

In addition to reducing a homeowner’s monthly cost, a high efficiency furnace is better for the environment. A more efficient furnace requires less energy, creating less pollution and helping preserve the planet for future generations. These more efficient furnaces often also contribute positively to the air quality of a home, making healthier, more breathable environment for an entire family.

Tax Savings

Energy-efficient appliances have another benefit to homeowners. In recent years, the IRS has provided tax credits to taxpayers who switch to more energy-efficient appliances during a tax year. Furnaces are among the appliances eligible for a tax credit, provided they meet the requirements for eligibility in a given year. Northern Comfort Systems can work with a homeowner to recommend a unit that will provide a valuable cost savings at tax time.

In addition to tax benefits, there may be other rebates and credits specific to a homeowner’s type of home, specific location, or the type of unit purchased. We let consumers know about these discounts to save them money, as well as making recommendations for installation discounts.

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