Indianapolis Electric Furnace Repair and Installation

programmable thermostatWhen it’s cold outside, many Indianapolis residents rely on an electric furnace to keep them warm. Whether a home has a forced-air, oil-electric, or heat pump electric furnace, Northern Comfort has technicians with the experience to repair, maintain, or upgrade that system. Our technicians have specialized experience with the furnaces located in many of Indianapolis’s older homes and businesses, allowing us to work on furnaces of any age.

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your electric furnace or you need work on an existing system, Northern Comfort Systems can help. With the right care, your furnace can provide many years of reliable comfort. This page addresses many of the questions Indianapolis residents and businesses have about electric heating systems.

Types of Furnaces

There are several types of electric furnaces found in Indianapolis homes. Each has its own benefits.

  • Forced Air Furnace—The most common type of electric furnace, this type of furnace works by blowing air over heating elements, then pushing that air throughout a building using ductwork and vents.
  • High Efficiency Electric Furnace—A high efficiency electric furnace is designed to heat a home at a significant cost savings, especially when compared to older systems.
  • Oil Furnace—Oil furnaces are often found in older homes and can be expensive due to oil prices.
  • Heat Pump Electric Furnace—A heat pump pulls heat out of the air or ground to heat a building in an efficient manner.

When it’s time to upgrade a system, Northern Comfort Systems can recommend the best electric furnace options specific to a home or business. Our technicians have experience in working with each of these systems and can repair or maintain existing furnaces in any Indianapolis-area building.

Electric Furnace Cost

Electric furnace prices vary depending on the type of unit chosen, as well as the manufacturer type. Cost of operation can often depend on electricity prices. If electricity costs are low, a heat pump can be cheaper than those that rely on fuel for operation. A forced-air furnace can sometimes provide a cost savings due to the number of vents that can be strategically placed throughout a home for maximum heating.

While shopping for a new system, Indianapolis residents should calculate both the initial cost to purchase and install each unit type against the ongoing cost of operation. In some cases, the initial cost can be quickly recouped in a resident’s monthly utility bill. Northern Comfort Systems can recommend the most affordable system for a home based on its unique needs.

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