Indianapolis Oil Furnace Repair and Installation

programmable thermostatKnown primarily for being in older homes, an oil furnace provides a clean, efficient heating option that many of its owners prefer. Often seen in colder climates in the Northeast, these furnaces convert oil to heat using a flame. The heated gases are passed to the house through either a flue or a chimney, usually flowing through a filter in order to ensure the heated air is clear of impurities.

For those Indianapolis homes with oil furnaces, it’s important to find a local heating and cooling service that specializes in these units. Northern Comfort Systems regularly works with the many homes and businesses in Central Indiana that use oil furnaces for warmth throughout the winter. We can upgrade, maintain, or repair your existing system to make sure it operates as efficiently as possible for many years.

Benefits of Oil Furnaces

While the cost of running these furnaces may fluctuate in cost due to the unpredictability of oil prices, one of the best things about an oil furnace is its reliability. Oil furnaces can have a long lifespan, leading to decades of reliable use. You may find the furnace in your home can operate for years without needing to be upgraded to a new oil furnace. This isn’t the case with many other furnace types.

Another benefit to an oil furnace is its efficient heating. Oil furnace efficiency often makes it very popular with homeowners, who find that a small amount of effort heats an entire home evenly. The heat provided by an oil furnace is clean and easy to adjust, which is why many owners of older homes actually prefer the heat provided by oil furnaces. Today’s high efficiency oil furnace takes that value to an even greater level, providing cost savings and home comfort.

Oil Furnace Considerations

One drawback to an oil furnace is its maintenance cost. Although these furnaces are built to last, occasionally a part will need to be replaced and when it does, it’s important to find a specialized service that can handle the replacement affordably. Northern Comfort Systems can not only repair your oil furnace but find the parts at affordable prices, as well.

When an Indianapolis-area resident needs a new oil furnace, we can help with that, as well. We’ll work to find the best oil furnace prices to meet your budget while also finding the best unit to heat your home or office. Our commitment to customer service and experience with specialized systems is the perfect fit for your oil furnace needs.

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