Zionsville Water Heater Repair and Installation

Your water heater is necessary for everything from hot showers in the morning to washing the dinner dishes at night.

When the water heater in your home stops working the way it should, it causes tremendous inconvenience. That’s why you should entrust the maintenance and repair of yours to the professional technicians at Northern Comfort Systems.

Whether you are dealing with a gas water heater or an electric one, our skilled technicians can quickly diagnose any problem and have hot water running through your pipes again in no time.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Every home in Zionsville is unique, with a water heating system designed specifically to meet its needs. Whether yours is running on gas or electric, routine maintenance is essential to keeping it working as it should.

Important components and parts of the system will break down over time, but with regular maintenance, a skilled technician will catch those defects before they affect your hot water supply. Even a new water heater will always run at peak performance when it is getting the benefit of regular maintenance visits.

Best Water Heater for Your Home

When the time comes that the water heater in your home is no longer efficient, upgrading to a more modern system could be your best option. This is a big decision, and the type that you choose something that you and your home will be living with for years to come.
There are typically have three different types of water heaters to choose from:

Gas Water Heater – This is an option if you have a home with an existing gas line, or the ability to have one connected. The operating cost of a gas water heater is the least expensive, making this a money saving option over the long term.

Electric Water Heater – The initial cost of an electric water heater is less than your other options, but drawing energy from your home’s electricity will be more costly with long term use. These are ideally suited for smaller homes and spaces.

Tankless Water Heater – This is becoming an increasingly popular new water heater choice because it provides an energy efficient way of bringing a continual flow of hot water into the home, without taking up a great deal of space.

Call Northern Comfort Systems now if you are considering a new water heater for your Zionsville home or are interested in routine maintenance on your existing one. We are the HVAC team to rely on to meet all of your needs, including emergency repairs, regular service calls and the installation of a new water heater.

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