Are you considering a new sink in your kitchen or bath? Does your utility sink look like it needs to be replaced? Northern Comfort Systems has a team of plumbing pros who are ready to help. With experience and knowledge to put to work for you, we can assist you with choosing your new sink and installing it professionally, so it is a beautiful and functional addition to your home.

Schedule sink installation help from Northern Comfort Systems. Call our Indianapolis location at (317) 926-4328 or our Terre Haute team at (812) 235-0710 or contact us online for a free quote for service.

Why Choose Northern Comfort Systems for Sink Installation?

At Northern Comfort Systems, we strive to provide top-of-the-line service and innovative solutions to our plumbing customers. As part of our full-service plumbing solutions, we have affordable installation services with free estimates from our well-trained technicians. For sink installation, we offer a full list of services, including:

  • Kitchen sink installation
  • Bathroom sink installation
  • Pedestal sink installation
  • Utility sink installation

To schedule a new sink install, call our Terre Haute plumbing team at (812) 235-0710 or our Indianapolis crew at (317) 926-4328. You can also reach out online to discuss your need with our skilled plumbers.

Sink Materials for New Sink Installation

The Northern Comfort Systems team understands that each home is unique with a unique style and ambiance. That’s why we have a number of sink materials for you to choose from when adding a new sink to your kitchen or bath, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Marble
  • Composite
  • Cast Iron
  • Vinyl

Not sure which is right for you? Our plumbers can help you make the choice. Reach out today to learn more about our sink installation services, get your free estimate, or ask for material selection help.

Sink Installation FAQs

Do you have questions about installing a new sink? We have answers! Here are some common questions we hear:

How much does a new sink cost to install?

This will depend on the sink you choose and its location. A new utility sink can cost between $40 and $200, while a stainless steel sink can cost as much as $800. Your plumber will also charge an hourly rate for services, but Northern Comfort Services helps with our free estimates.

Should I hire a plumber to install my new sink?

While DIY sink installation could help you save a little money, you need to understand that this is not an easy DIY project. You need to know that the sink will not leak and is safely installed before using it, so you can avoid plumbing repair down the road. Working with a qualified plumber is always a wise choice when tackling sink installation.

Do I have to replace the countertop if I replace the sink?

No, you can replace a sink without changing your countertop, but you will want a plumber’s help. Sometimes there is a need to cut the countertop materiel, and you want to avoid creating a hole or serious issue.