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There’s nothing better than a hot shower, but sometimes your shower may have other plans. Northern Comfort Systems has extensive experience installing and servicing showers in Indianapolis. We know the importance of attending to shower issues quickly, since small problems can cause major leaks that translate into water damage for your home. We can also help you make simple upgrades to save water and improve your shower’s operation.

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A shower is a major fixture in your bathroom that will see thousands of hours of use over its lifetime. An oversight when repairing or installing a shower can cause major property damage due to hidden leaks. When choosing, installing, or repairing a shower, it’s important to choose a plumber you can trust. Our company has an established reputation as reliable, trustworthy plumbers in Indianapolis. We work with you to make sure you understand all of your options, then we implement the solution quickly and correctly. We’re also available 24/7 for any shower emergency!

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Common Types of Showers

It’s important to select a shower that fits your bathroom and your household’s needs. Our experts can help you weigh the pros and cons to choose the best shower for your bathroom. There are two main styles of showers to choose from:

  • Walk-in shower: A stand-alone shower with no tub or curb to step over for entry. This type of shower gives your bathroom a more spacious look and is easier to enter.
  • Tub-shower combo: A bathtub with a showerhead. This option is more versatile and generally preferred by families with young children.

Shower Fixture Installation

Installing a shower requires the installation of the various fixtures that make it work. These fixtures can also break and will need to be replaced individually. The good news is that they are also an easy way to upgrade your shower for a new look and for better water efficiency. Northern Comfort Systems can install or replace these fixtures quickly and correctly:

  • Shower stall
  • Shower door
  • Faucet
  • Showerhead
  • Shower plumbing

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Frequently Asked Questions About Showers

We’ve serviced and installed thousands of showers while serving our customers in Indianapolis. In that time we’ve received hundreds of questions about shower performance issues. Here are some of the most common questions we are asked:

If the water pressure in your showerhead drops off over time while your sinks maintain their water pressure, this could mean that your showerhead has become clogged with sediment, debris, and minerals. If the water pressure drops off all of a sudden, this may indicate a leak or a burst pipe somewhere. It’s best to contact a professional plumber to diagnose the problem and resolve it safely.

If the water is slow to drain out of your shower, this is most likely due to a buildup of hair, dirt, soap, and mineral deposits in the drainpipe. If left to develop further, it could turn into a full clog and stop draining entirely. You should have drain cleaning done to remove the buildup and help your shower drain normally.

Showerheads can leak as they age and their O-rings and gaskets wear out, preventing them from creating a perfect seal. Commonly, showers leak from the actual showerhead or from behind it, where it connects to the wall. A leak from the showerhead is annoying and wastes water, but a leak from behind the showerhead can cause significant water damage inside your walls.

Your shower can emit a squealing or whistling sound due to a few different factors. Sediment could have built up in your showerhead due to hard water, shrinking the space that the water has to go through and causing it to make noise as it pushes through. You could also have high water pressure, or the showerhead itself could be faulty.


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If you need a shower repaired, replaced, or installed in Indianapolis, contact Northern Comfort Systems. We’ve achieved a reputation for integrity and excellence by being committed to your comfort. We’ll work with you to find cost-effective solutions that best serve your household and your budget. We’re at the ready to provide 24/7 service for when shower emergencies pop up at inconvenient times. Call us for comprehensive shower services and quality you can trust.

Contact Northern Comfort Systems or call (317) 926-4328 today for shower installation and repair in Indianapolis. We look forward to serving you!

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