Regular Maintenance for Your Heating System Saves Money in the Long Run

furnace maintenanceAs a trusted HVAC company in the greater Indianapolis area for many years, our team at Northern Comfort Systems has heard the same questions every year.

“But guys, do I really need to get my heating system tuned-up every year? Can’t I just do it myself? Why is it so expensive?” 

We understand completely. We know everyone wants to save money whenever they can, but it is much cheaper to have your heater checked every year for a fee than to have something go wrong and replace the entire system. Trust us.

There are, of course, certain things you can do at home to ensure good practices for your heating system. These things include:

1.) Changing the air filters

2.) Checking your ductwork connections

3.) Checking all of the system controls

However, there are times some pieces of the puzzle may not come together without the help of a trained eye, and this is where our technicians can help.

With years of experience under our belt, we are able to ensure that your system is running at its peak performance level. Among the things we can inspect to help your maintenance program, we:

  • check the burners to make sure they ignite properly, the flame sensor works correctly, and the burner flame remains lit,
  • check the blower wheel for any blockages or debris by removing the wheel and inspecting it,
  • check all wiring for any corrosion or damage,
  • check any levels of carbon monoxide to keep you and your family safe.

So you can decide, is it worth the money every year to make sure that your heating system runs perfectly?

We think so! We encourage you to contact us the next time you need a checkup.

Get your heating system checked annually by the experts at Northern Comfort Systems, winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for 13 consecutive years. Call today for a quote.