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2024 SEER2 Regulation Changes & How They Affect Indiana Homeowners

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With the new year comes new energy-efficiency regulations. On January 1, 2024, SEER2 minimums were raised across the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions and move toward a green future.

While changes in requirements don’t necessarily require immediate action from homeowners, it’s important to understand who sets the SEER2 regulations and what the 2024 regulation changes are so that you are well-informed should you need to upgrade any of your HVAC equipment in the near future. 

Who Controls SEER2 Regulations?

Your AC’s SEER2 (formerly SEER) rating measures its efficiency. The higher the SEER2, the more efficient the system and the greater the savings on energy bills. Each region of the United States has its own minimum SEER rating, depending on the climate.

To limit our carbon footprint, the Department of Energy sets SEER2 regulations for HVAC manufacturers to ensure that the newest, cleanest technology is being used within the industry. This then impacts the HVAC equipment on the market for homeowners. 

What Are the New Regulations?

Overall, the regional SEER2 ratings for cooling systems will increase by 1 SEER in 2024. Some changes were also made to furnace rating standards, measured in Annualized fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). These changes require more rigorous testing for newer HVAC units to ensure they meet the new standards. You’ll be able to find these metric labels on your heating or cooling unit on a yellow label.

Below are the new regulations for the Northern region, which includes Indiana:

  • Air conditioners must be rated 14 SEER2 or higher. Previously, the minimum rating was 13 SEER2 

  • Furnaces must have an AFUE of 81% or higher for northern, southern, and southwestern regions. Previously, 90% AFUE was required for the northern region, and 80% AFUE was required for the southern and southwestern regions.

What if My AC Has a SEER2 Lower Than 14?

There is a common misconception that new SEER2 standards may require homeowners to upgrade their systems. In reality, the regulatory changes made apply to the HVAC manufacturers and only apply to homeowners installing a new system.

Therefore, if you choose to upgrade your system in 2024, you must choose a system with this minimum SEER2 rating. 

Choose Northern Comfort Systems for AC Replacement

At Northern Comfort Systems, we want to do our part in helping move toward a future of cleaner energy. That’s why we keep our clients informed about changes in the HVAC industry, including new HVAC efficiency regulations.

If your system is on its last legs, we’re here for superior replacement services. We’ll ensure that your new AC unit meets SEER2 regulations so that you can stay cool all summer long. Plus, with our available financing and satisfaction guarantee, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient system!

Call us today to schedule AC replacement in Indianapolis, Anderson, Terre Haute, or Muncie.

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