The Best Air Conditioning Units For Your Indianapolis Home

When homes are older, often air conditioning units have specialized needs. When older Indianapolis houses get restored and updated, their air conditioning systems need to be updated, as well. Even in homes where systems have been upgraded over time, residents need a repair specialist who is experienced in caring for the unique wiring and equipment needs of older homes.

At Northern Comfort Systems, we care for air conditioning units throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We handle installation, maintenance, and repair for all of the leading systems installed in Central Indiana homes with fast, reliable technicians. Here are a few of the services Northern Comfort Systems provides.


With access to the top air conditioning equipment in the industry, we can upgrade your existing home with the best air conditioning system to meet your needs. The right air conditioner unit can cut your monthly utility bills significantly, as well as improve your air quality and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. To get the maximum benefit possible, our specialists can work with you to find the best air conditioning system for your home.


The key to avoiding issues with your system, we recommend you schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit. A qualified technician will review your entire system prior to the warmest and coldest months of the year to make sure your all of air conditioning equipment and wiring are in perfect condition. This proactive approach can keep your unit from suddenly malfunctioning during extreme weather conditions.


At times, you may notice your system isn’t working as efficiently as before. When air conditioning units are in need of repair, we can send out a technician to review the entire system and make recommendations for repairs or replacements. Our professional technicians always show up as scheduled and work as quickly as possible to get your unit to 100 percent functionality as quickly as possible.

Emergency Services

Air conditioning units don’t always malfunction during regular business hours. Realizing this, Northern Comfort Systems has technicians on call 24 hours a day to help you. Best of all, our emergency air conditioner unit repair services are available at no extra charge, even if the technician has to come to your location after hours.
Northern Comfort Systems is a preferred provider of services for Indianapolis’s air conditioning units. If you need maintenance, repair, or installation of new air conditioning systems, contact us to get a free quote.

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