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Your air conditioner plays a critical role in maintaining your quality of life, and when something goes wrong, the problems can start to pile up quickly. Heat, humidity, and lack of filtration can have a shocking impact not only on your basic comfort but your ability to sleep, your productivity, your health, and the safety of your property. That’s why you want the team at Northern Comfort Systems on your side so that when you have an air conditioner problem, you also have an air conditioner solution ready.

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What is an Air Conditioner Unit?

An air conditioner, whether it’s a central AC unit, mini-splits (technically a heat pump, though the technology is very similar), or a window unit, works on a simple principle of moving heat from inside of your home to outside it, via heat exchangers, refrigerant, and fans. 

For a central unit, this means having a unit with a heat exchanger outside and another component inside, with the one inside attached to your air handler (often this means being directly attached to your furnace). A window unit moves heat to its backside outside of your home, while a mini-split runs the refrigerant to the individual mini-split units inside of your home. 

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AC Services We Offer in Muncie, IN

To keep your home comfortable, you need the right air conditioner for your home, kept in prime condition. Letting your air conditioner wear down untuned, operate with damaged components, or simply not match your home because of poor decisions during installation or remodeling afterward will not just leave you less comfortable; it’ll cost you big. To help keep your home in Muncie cool, Northern Comfort Systems offers these services:

When you need a new air conditioner installation, it’s important to get everything right from the start. Choosing the right unit, connecting it to your ductwork effectively, and tuning everything to operate at peak performance will make a huge difference in your comfort, expenses, and the longevity of your system. Trust us to get it right for you!

AC not working? Whether it’s just a bit warmer than usual or completely not blowing, you want to resolve the problem quickly—for comfort, costs, and peace of mind. Let our team resolve your issues today with expert AC repair service

Not every problem with your air conditioner can be easily or feasibly repaired. As a unit gets older, and repairs become more frequent, and efficiency drops lower due to dated technology and wear, a replacement will make more and more sense. Let our team help you figure out the perfect upgrade for your aging unit. 

Without regular maintenance, your air conditioner probably won’t last the 15-20 years it’s supposed to. This is in addition to lower efficiency, more frequent surprise repairs, and reduced comfort. You want to have a professional look at your system at least once a year to avoid these problems. 

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Preventative Maintenance Tips 

Keeping up with your air conditioner and minimizing problems involves two factors: professional maintenance and home maintenance. You want professional maintenance performed at least once a year, more depending on usage, but home maintenance is more frequent:

  • Replace or clean filters according to manufacturer instructions.

  • Clean dust and debris off all readily accessible parts of your air conditioner. 

  • Make sure fans and intakes are clear of anything, inside and outside.

  • Check your ducts for blockage and dust.

  • Make sure drainage lines are clear, and that moisture isn’t accumulating on your air conditioner or dripping where it shouldn’t. 

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Why Choose Us?

When you choose Northern Comfort Systems for your AC repair, installation, upkeep, and replacement services, you’re choosing one of the best HVAC companies in the region. You’ll benefit from:

  • Affordable Service

  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available

  • Free Estimates on replacements

  • Well-trained, trustworthy technicians

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Frequently Asked Questions

You generally replace when repairs stop making financial sense. For example, if your AC is near the end of its lifespan, if costly repairs are needed, if you have frequent problems, or if your old AC isn’t suitable or has outdated technology that’s costing you energy. 

Filters don’t just protect you against pet dander and dust; they protect the mechanisms of your HVAC system and your ducts from blockage, shorts, etc. Clean filters also make it easier for your air handler to push air. 

It depends on what’s wrong with your unit, how most components for your model cost, how accessible your unit and ducts are, and other factors, so it’s hard to give a firm price before we understand the situation. We’ll always be affordable priced and transparent about charges!

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