Heating Services in Muncie, IN

When it gets cold in Muncie, it’s important to know that you can rely on your heating to perform as it should because it’s been installed correctly, maintained regularly, and repaired as needed. To enjoy that peace of mind, you want to work with the expert HVAC technicians of Northern Comfort Systems. Our team of trained and trustworthy technicians can meet your needs regardless of what type of heating equipment your home currently uses. We expertly service the following heating systems: 

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Heating Services in Muncie, Indiana

The team at Northern Comfort Systems works hard to make sure your furnace or heat pump perfectly meets your needs. We offer a full selection of heating services to our clients in the Muncie area, including:

Heating Installation

If your home doesn’t currently have central heating or a heat pump system in place, our team is ready to help you find the perfect fit for your budget, preferences, needs, and constraints. Whether you’re looking at gas furnaces, electric furnaces, or heat pumps, we’ll help you to choose the right fit and install it perfectly

Heating Repair

When your heating fails in an Indiana winter, you don’t have much time before the situation becomes untenable. That’s why you want to rest easy in the knowledge that you can have heating repair the same day a problem arises, thanks to the help of our expert technicians. 

Heating Replacement

Every heating system runs out of time eventually, even if you take excellent care of it. When the time comes to replace your heating with a newer model, a different type of heating, something bigger, or something more modern, contact Northern Comfort Systems. Our expert team can guide you in finding the right heating system for your home, remove your old heating, and install your new unit according to all best practices. 

Heating Maintenance

Your HVAC systems need regular professional attention, whether it’s a gas furnace or a high-efficiency heat pump; the amount of attention and likelihood of failures may differ between combustion-based units and others, but all of them will benefit from regular tuning. Going without maintenance puts you at risk of unexpected failures when you need your heat most, inefficiency and lost performance, and a shortened life span for your heating system. 

If you’re ready to schedule any of these heating services for your Muncie home, reach out to the team at Northern Comfort Systems today. Call (765) 284-9921 or contact us online to get started. 

Preventative Heating Maintenance

The best way to control costs for your heating is, of course, to not have major problems that require significant repairs or waste energy through massive inefficiencies. To that end, you need to keep up with your preventative maintenance. This involves two key components:

Manufacturer-recommended home maintenance. This includes changing or cleaning filters, plus anything special your heating system’s manufacturer recommends. 

Professional tuning/servicing/maintenance. You want a professional to look your heating system over at least once a year, or more frequently if it has seen heavy use in a recent season, or you’re anticipating more usage during an off-season than usual. This helps spot problems early, which means they cost you less in wasted energy, damage to other components, and simple repair severity. 

Learn more about preventative maintenance and our maintenance services today by contacting our team. 

Contact Northern Comfort Systems for Heating in Muncie, IN

When you need heating service, trust the team at Northern Comfort Systems to provide exceptional care, skill, and customer support on every job. We’re a longtime member of the community, locally owned, and attentive to the needs of our customers and neighbors. 

Find out what quality customer service and technical expertise look like today. Contact our team for all your heating needs in the Muncie, Indiana, area by dialing (765) 284-9921 or reaching out to us online


It depends on what system is currently in place, whether you’re willing to risk losing efficiency in the coldest weather, whether you need mini-splits to eliminate the need for ductwork or give more granular temperature control, and your upfront budget. 

Heat pumps start to lose their massive heating efficiency advantage at around 40 degrees until 25 degrees or so and become less efficient than a furnace.

When a part stops functioning efficiently in your furnace or heat pump, it often drags other components down with it and starts to wear down more and more. You lose money on energy efficiency when you finally get around to repairing the unnoticed problem down the line.

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