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During the winter, temperatures in the Muncie area often fall below freezing at night, so it’s essential to have a reliable heating solution. Electric furnaces are an excellent alternative when there is no access to natural gas. They offer simple, dependable heating with efficient performance.

If you are considering an electric furnace for your Muncie home or already have one installed, you can count on our team at Northern Comfort Systems to keep it operating at its best. We offer electric furnace installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and reliable, and we feature affordable service with upfront pricing and no hidden fees. With our excellent customer reviews and eight consecutive Angi Super Service Awards, our HVAC company has earned a reputation for impeccable customer service.

When you need electric furnace repairs, replacement, and more in Muncie, call the home heating experts at Northern Comfort Systems at (765) 284-9921.

How an Electric Furnace Works

Electric furnaces use electric coils or heating elements to heat the air. A blower fan draws in cool air through your home’s return ducts and filter housing, blowing it over the heating elements or coil. The heated air travels through the supply ducts to each room or heating zone.

The heating process is based on electric resistance and is 100% efficient, though the cost of electricity can make using an electric furnace somewhat more expensive than a gas furnace. An electric furnace is more simple and reliable, however, with minimal maintenance required.

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Electric Furnace Installation & Replacement

A new furnace installation can be a significant investment, so when it’s time to upgrade the heating system in your Muncie home, count on our team at Northern Comfort Systems for a reliable, professional electric furnace replacement. Our NATE-certified technicians have the skill and experience to ensure your new furnace is installed correctly for reliable, efficient operation throughout its service life. We will calculate your heating requirements, recommend the best electric furnace for your needs, and provide a complete installation.

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Electric Furnace Repair in Muncie, IN

Being without heat during an Indiana winter can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. When you need expert furnace repair in the Muncie area, call our team at Northern Comfort Systems. Our technicians are equipped to handle any electric furnace repairs you may need, and they are available 24/7 for emergency heating service with no extra charges or overtime fees.

For fast, dependable electric furnace repair in Muncie, New Castle, Selma, Albany, or the surrounding areas, call (765) 284-9921.

Electric Furnace Maintenance in the Muncie Area

If you want to avoid problems with your electric furnace and make it last as long as possible, choose electric furnace maintenance from our team at Northern Comfort Systems. We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance once a year, in the fall, so your system is ready for the winter.

Our team will inspect your electric furnace and perform routine maintenance like removing dust and debris from the coils and cabinet, replacing the air filter, lubricating motor and fan bearings, inspecting electrical connections, and testing the thermostat. We also offer cost-effective maintenance plans that cover all your annual HVAC maintenance while providing a 15% discount on repairs, priority service, and more.

Call (765) 284-9921 today to schedule electric furnace maintenance anywhere in Muncie.

Why Choose Northern Comfort Systems?

With over 20 years of HVAC experience, a knowledgeable team, and all the latest diagnostic tools and equipment, Northern Comfort Systems is well-equipped to handle all your electric furnace services in Muncie and beyond. We feature clean, respectful service, quality workmanship, free estimates on replacements, and no extra after-hours or emergency service fees. Plus, we offer excellent financing options for new furnace installations, valuable promotions and discounts, and top-quality equipment from leading manufacturers.

Electric Furnace FAQs

How long will my electric furnace last?

Most electric furnaces will last 12 to 15 years, though up to 20 years is not unheard of with proper maintenance. Regular service once a year, along with replacing your air filter often, will help maximize your system’s service life and prevent a premature furnace replacement.

Why is replacing the air filter important?

Replacing the air filter for your electric furnace improves indoor air quality and protects your system from damage. Dust and household debris can accumulate on the interior of your furnace, making the system work harder or even damaging the heating coils. Replacing your air filter every three months is a great way to prevent problems.

How can I reduce my heating costs?

To keep your heating costs to a minimum, install a programmable thermostat, and set it to turn the heat down by 10 degrees anytime you are at work or away from home. Make sure your house is properly insulated, install new weatherstripping to prevent drafts, and seal any gaps or cracks around windows or in exterior walls.

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