Electric Water Heater Services in Muncie, IN

Your water heater is perhaps the most essential appliance in your home. When it falters and fails, cooking and cleaning come to a halt. Our certified plumbers understand the importance of your water heating systems in Indiana, and we work hard to make sure that they deliver the reliable flow of hot water modern life depends upon.

Electric Water Heater Installation

Electric water heaters will provide safe, reliable, energy-efficient hot water throughout the year. Our certified plumbers are experts at installing electric water heaters in Indiana. It is our pleasure to assist you whether you want your new heater installed in a new home, as part of a remodel, or to replace an existing water heater.

Contact Northern Comfort Systems  in Muncie at (765) 284-9921. It is our pleasure to tell you more about the electric water heater installation services we provide in Indiana. 

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Electric Water Heater Repair

Electric water heaters can experience a wide range of damage, similar to gas and oil hot water heaters. These include:

  • Tripped Breakers/Blown Fuses – Overloaded circuits usually cause these. When the appliances are connected to the breaker or fuse to draw more power than it can handle, it “trips” to protect the electric water heater from damage.
  • Thermostats – Thermostats wear out over time. They may be uneven in the walls, and internal elements may falter, circuits wear out, etc.
  • Heating Elements – Sediment buildup can cause a heating element to fail.
  • Leaks – Leaks can occur due to rust, external force, or because connections are improperly sealed.

Contact Northern Comfort Systems in Muncie at (765) 284-9921 for more information about the most common causes of electric water heater failure.

Electric Water Heater Brands

There are a number of high-quality electric water heater brands we offer and recommend. Many of the world’s best-known manufacturers of gas water heaters also produce electric water heaters. These include:

  • A.O. Smith
  • General Electric
  • Rheem
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore

It is our pleasure to tell you more about these electric hot water heater systems, including their features and advantages. We encourage you to contact Northern Comfort Systems in Muncie at (765) 284-9921 to learn more about the systems we recommend for our clients in Indiana.

Advantages of Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters offer numerous advantages, and they are becoming increasingly popular in Indiana. The primary benefits that our clients enjoy from electric water heaters include:

  • Simple system management
  • Ease of installation
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Affordable purchase price
  • Cost-effective operation
  • Minimal maintenance

We invite you to contact Northern Comfort Systems in Muncie at (765) 284-9921 for more information about the many advantages offered by electric water heaters.

FAQs About Electric Water Heaters

Yes, electric water heaters are more energy-efficient and are less expensive to operate than natural gas water heaters.

Electric water heater maintenance includes regular flushing and inspections of the wiring and other components.

Yes, because the electricity can be generated from renewable sources, and since combustion isn’t required for heating, there are no toxic emissions.

Why Choose Northern Comfort Systems?

When you want affordable service, 24/7 emergency water heater service, and timely estimates you can depend on, we’re ready to take your call. As always, you can depend on our licensed and fully insured HVAC technicians to deliver the best service and quality in Indiana.

Contact Northern Comfort Systems in Muncie at (765) 284-9921 to schedule electric water heater service, installation, repairs, or maintenance.

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