Furnace Maintenance in Muncie, IN

At Northern Comfort Systems, our teams work hard to keep your furnace in top condition. From changing the filters to adjusting the flame, we will make sure your furnace is ready to go when the weather starts to cool off!

Gas Furnace Maintenance

Properly maintaining a gas furnace requires cleaning the system, replacing filters, and checking the thermostat. These tasks are easy, and any homeowner can perform them. However, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to clean the blower, inspect the fan, repair ducts, and perform the other maintenance tasks required to keep a furnace in great condition.

The team at Northern Comfort Systems is ready to perform the maintenance your furnace needs. We encourage you to schedule gas furnace maintenance in Muncie by calling (765) 284-9921.

Electric Furnace Maintenance

Electric furnace maintenance is very similar to that of gas furnaces, with just a few tweaks and adjustments in the steps and procedures required. Our certified HVAC specialists have extensive experience maintaining a broad range of makes and models. We guarantee that our electric furnace maintenance services will comply with all manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Contact Northern Comfort Systems to schedule electric furnace maintenance in Muncie by calling (765) 284-9921.

The Importance of Professional Furnace Maintenance

Hiring a professional to perform furnace maintenance is essential for your safety and comfort. It is also a requirement of many manufacturers’ warranties and homeowners insurance policies. When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that every component will be properly inspected, every system properly tested, and every potential cause of failure and fault explored and addressed.

For more information about the importance of regular maintenance, contact Northern Comfort Systems at (765) 284-9921.

Common Signs Your Furnace Needs Maintenance or Repairs

Your furnace will alert you to the need for prompt maintenance. Common signs that you need maintenance or repairs include:

  • Odd odors, such as burning rubber, electrical odors, and metallic smells
  • Strange noises, such as screeching, squealing, banging, and clanging
  • Yellow flame
  • Inefficient operations
  • Short-cycling

Contact Northern Comfort Systems at (765) 284-9921 to discuss the signs your furnace is giving off.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your furnace operational for 10, 15, and even 20 years. Preventive maintenance catches minor problems before they become major issues. The more you invest in preventive maintenance, the less you will spend on repairs, replacements, and monthly utility bills.

Trust Northern Comfort Systems for Your Comfort

Your satisfaction is our reward for a job well done. We work hard to deliver superior service and outstanding value to our clients in Terre Haute, Indianapolis, and Muncie. When you want quality you can trust and workmanship that lasts, count on our team for your comfort!

Contact Northern Comfort Systems to learn more about our team and the furnace maintenance service we offer in Muncie by calling (765) 284-9921.

Frequently Asked Questions About Furnaces

Cleaning the outside of the furnace, changing the filter, and visually inspecting the unit are perfectly safe maintenance tasks.

For best results, schedule maintenance in the fall and again in the spring. 

A typical maintenance appointment lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

Do you have more questions about furnaces? Contact Northern Comfort Systems at (765) 284-9921 in Muncie, and we will give you the answers you need!

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